Cancer: Needle/Biopsy Ports

Patients treated for certain medical conditions may require repeated intravenous injections of medications. An example would be a cancer patient requiring intravenous chemotherapy.

Our interventional specialists place vein access ports for our patients. A port is a device which consists of a small metal or plastic chamber and a tube. The chamber is placed under the skin through a small incision and the tube is placed into a vein. The port is a more comfortable way for patients to receive intravenous medications and have blood samples drawn.

Needle Biopsy

Our interventional specialists are highly skilled physicans who routinely perform needle biopsies with image guidance. A needle biopsy is procedure to obtain tissue from the body to identify the cause of a mass, lump or other condition in the body. Our doctors will use either a combination of Xray, Computed tomography (CT) or Ultrasound (US) guidance to place a needle into the abnormal area and obtain a tissue sample. The procedure is done with local anesthesia and sometimes with a mild sedative. Generally a tiny scar is present after the procedure. Most procedures can be done as an outpatient.