Hypertension: Renal Denervation


  • Hypertension is a major and growing global health problem
  • Estimated 30%-40% of adult population suffering from this condition
  • Despite the development of many effective pharmacological therapies, the fraction of patients with uncontrolled hypertension remains high
  • Predisposing them to heart attack, stroke, renal and heart failure

Renal Denervation:

  • Targets sympathetic over-activity, which has been shown to be a common and key factor in disease states such as hypertension, heart failure, and chronic kidney disease
  • Renal sympathetic nerves play a pivotal role in the sympathetic over-activity and hypertension by increasing renin secretion, reabsorption of sodium, and decreasing renal blood flow


  • Part of a pivotal clinical trial in the United States
  • 30-40 minute procedure that is performed in the angiography suite
  • Shown to successfully treat drug-resistant hypertension
  • The renal arteries are catheterized and controlled denervation performed by a small radiofrequency probe


  • European and Australian studies show a significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure without any acute or chronic adverse hemodynamic effects
  • Mean decrease of over of 30-mmHg in systolic and 14-mmHg in diastolic pressures in the initial studies
  • Follow-up randomized trial the investigators observed a similar reductions in blood pressure in the denervation group, which was significantly better than the controls who had no change in blood pressure as compared to baseline


We are the only center in OC and one of only a handful in California who perform this procedure for patients with resistant hypertension.

For more information please contact VISOC Dr. Razavi or Dr. Loh at 714-560-4450