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At Vascular and Interventional Specialists of Orange County, we dedicate ourselves to providing patients of all ages with quick and easy access to quality healthcare. Whether you require vascular or interventional care, our team can treat you as soon as possible. We take a hands-on approach to treatment and support you through every step of the visit. Vascular care visits can be stressful, so each team member provides compassionate and skilled care to help patients feel safe and comfortable throughout their treatment process. Here, you will find information on what to expect during your visit, along with links to patient forms and paperwork.

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New Patients

Vascular and Interventional Specialists of Orange County welcome new patients and the opportunity to discuss any health concerns they may have. When you visit us for the first time, we will help guide you through the process to make your experience as stress-free as possible. It is easy for new patients to start their journey toward medical care with our team. As a new patient, we will ask you to complete some initial forms, so we can better understand and treat your medical issues. New patients will also need to bring their ID and insurance card. We look forward to serving you and restoring you to your full health.

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For informational purposes only, a link to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments web page is provided here. The federal Physician Payments Sunshine Act requires that detailed information about payment and other payments of value worth over ten dollars ($10) from manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, and biologics to physicians and teaching hospitals be made available to the public.

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Make an Appointment

Patients need to schedule an appointment ahead of time before seeking professional care. If the situation is an emergency, we recommend patients dial 911 or seek immediate care at an emergency room. Making an appointment is simple. Call 714-598-1194, and one of our friendly team members will gladly assist you with booking an appointment or answering any questions you may have. We ask that you call our office 24 hours in advance if you cannot keep an appointment. We will attempt to reschedule an appointment as close to the initial date as possible.

What to Expect

Upon arriving at Vascular and Interventional Specialists of Orange County, you will be greeted by a friendly team member who will assist you in checking in for your first visit. They will provide you with the new patient paperwork and health questionnaire. It may be possible to fill out this information ahead of time to speed up the treatment process. We will also need to collect your insurance information, a copy of your ID, and contact information. On subsequent visits, you need only check in at the front desk and wait to be called to the examination room.

Initial Examination

In most cases, an initial examination takes about an hour. Our experienced Vascular and Interventional Specialists team of Orange County will ask you questions, get to know your health habits and practices, and listen to your health concerns. We will also check your vitals and ensure everything looks and sounds right. We believe in educating patients and empowering them to make good choices to improve their overall health. One of our vascular specialists will conduct a physical examination, address any symptoms you are currently experiencing, and make recommendations for necessary treatments.

Pain Concerns

Our patients’ comfort and trust are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to provide as much pain relief as possible while also combatting the root causes of your pain. If you are undergoing a treatment or procedure, one of our vascular specialists will meet with you to discuss your pain tolerance and create a plan for pain management. Working together, we will treat your health concerns in a way that minimizes pain and enables you to get back on your feet.

Medical Insurance

We accept a variety of insurance providers and try our best to accommodate our patients. Please call our office at 714-598-1194 to check whether we take your insurance and any additional information you may be asked to bring on your first visit.

Our pricing is designed to ensure that patients are able to receive the high-quality medical care they deserve. One of our team members can assist you in understanding your insurance plan, learning how to get coverage, and changing insurance plans or providers.

Financial Policy

Vascular and Interventional Specialists of Orange County are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care to families throughout the Orange County area. We understand that all patients are different in the way they handle their finances. We will work with you to find a solution that enables you to get the medical care you need, with or without insurance. Call 714-598-1194 to ask about our different payment options, which may include cash, check, financing, and credit cards. We provide budget-friendly medical care that provides a solution to all of your general health needs.